The ACDF is an independent charitable trust set up by the Auckland Cricket Association in 2001, with the view to create, build and invest a capital fund in perpetuity – and use the resultant income to assist with the development and nurturing of the junior game of cricket in the Auckland region.

The foundation of the ACDF was predicated on a number of assumptions.

  • It established a new funding channel to support the Association in the development of the game in the Auckland region, without incurring the operating costs to do so.
  • It created another voice in Auckland educational and community circles, advocating the benefits of our kids and young adults participating in sport (and in particular cricket), and resourcing that participation.
  • And thirdly, with the burgeoning sports choices facing kids and young adults today, the ACDF has cheerlead cricket as a wonderful sport to engender values of team collaboration and respect – which will serve them well in their future chosen vocations.  

The ACDF is focused on making it as easy as possible to play cricket in the Auckland region, and funding participation, facilities, coaching, equipment and more to encourage and maintain cricket as a preferred summer sport in schools and the community.  This last year the Foundation received income of $105,000, distributed $85,000, and added $36,000 to the capital fund.

However, the Trustees recognise that for the game of cricket to survive as a preferred sport in the New Zealand community, we must diversify participation.  And that needs to happen on four fronts.

  • We need to capitalise on the momentum that is building to encourage female participation in sport – and accelerate our efforts in girls’ and women’s schools.
  • We need to introduce what is a quintessential kiwi game not only to new immigrants, but to the ethnic groups where our penetration has not been traditionally strong.  Cricket has been well received in European and South Asian communities, but we need to develop heightened interest in the likes of Maori, Pasifika and East Asian communities.
  • We need to provide opportunities for kids and young adults to play cricket in disadvantaged communities, who don’t have the wherewithal to participate in cricket that a middle-class upbringing offers.
  • Finally, along with the Auckland Cricket Association, we will continue to introduce cricket formats in the Auckland region other than simply the traditional first class, one day or T20 formats.  That may mean beach cricket, backyard cricket, street cricket, kilikiti, indoor cricket and even e-cricket.  The ACDF wants youngsters to have as many entry points to formal formats of cricket as possible.

The ACDF is committed to supporting the long term growth of cricket in Auckland and we have a number of ongoing initiatives that help us raise funds to continue to do that. Please see below the links below to find out more about how you can support us in our efforts.


We welcome your communication and encourage you to get in touch if you have any queries about the Foundation. Please choose from one of the contact options below to contact us.

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