BAT FIRST​​​​​​​

We aim to put a BatFirst pack into the hands of every Year 3 child attending a decile 1-5 school in Auckland. Our long-term goal is to offer children physical activity opportunities, which can assist in their overall educational and social development.

One of the biggest barriers for children being physically active can be having the tools to start. BatFirst aims to remove that and introduce basic ideas to start playing.

BatFirst can reach more kids, more classes and more schools each year, but to do that we need your help.

Programme proudly sponsored by Local Doctors.


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“Just wanted to say your coaches were outstanding. They were very kind to all our teachers and staff. Flexible. I heard that they remembered the names of each child! We have had a lot of outside agencies through, Matt and Kyle are the best. Their rapport with the children AMAZING! They adapted to each learning style and our diverse learners walked away smiling.”

“Matt and Kyle were amazing with the children today. I was so impressed with the rapport they had with our children, their use of names and their willingness to support diverse learners. Also stand out was the structured skills sessions, a step by step increasingly tricky challenge that created a supportive and differentiated lesson. It was so different to last year and we loved the changes!”