Umpires are an integral part of the success of cricket matches across Auckland.

Becoming an umpire is simple. Whether you are looking to umpire your local community games or take your umpiring career further to district, national and international levels, we have opportunities for everyone.

Auckland Cricket works with you to decide to start with managing Junior or Club cricket games with your local team - as an official Auckland Associate Umpire or by becoming a regular Auckland Community Cricket Umpire where you can progress to your level and grade of competition cricket in Auckland.

Umpires are engaged by Auckland Cricket on a volunteer basis; however, they will receive a Koha (reimbursement) for their time and travel.

Competitions are always demanding umpires and it is easy to get started. Attend one of our Umpires Training Courses and you will be welcomed with open arms! New umpires joining for the first time are tutored and coached in their own class and mentored into their first live games within a week of joining.


  • Remain regularly healthy and involved in cricket - a game you love.
  • Learn lots of management and communications skills that transfer into your work life.
  • Grow your self-confidence and awareness from classes on self-management
  • Contributing so that games go ahead fairly, orderly, and safely with qualified officials.
  • Contribute significantly to the community and a great sport.
  • Meet new people and be involved in another socially active group.
  • Opportunities to travel to other regions and internationally to umpire.
  • Become more knowledgeable in the game and understand what the media presents.
  • Potential opportunities to become a national umpire.
  • Apply for our Umpire Exchange Program (click here for details)

Contact our ACA Umpire Administrator Doug Cowie –

There is a range of learning materials that you can access to assist you on your umpiring journey.

What you need:

All you need is a love for the game and a pair of black trousers, white sun hat & sports shoes! You will be provided with everything else including shirt, jacket, counter, markers and law book.

What you get as an umpire:

  • Free coaching and training on the laws and management of a game. We will provide you will as much training and support as you need. We are all different, so you define your training program to suit your progress.
  • Umpiring technique development under the eyes of a qualified trainer.
  • Free umpiring clothing, counter, and law book.
  • Match day payments that more than cover your travel and other costs.
  • Opportunity to progress to the National umpiring pathway.
  • Access to free tickets to an international game - register here


Umpires are appointed monthly to games throughout Auckland. Appointments are made at the start of each month following the monthly umpires meeting and are in place for 5 weeks.

National Appointments: These are  made by NZC – if you want to know who is umpiring where, on a national level? – Click here

Regional Appointments: Appointments are made at the start of each month following the monthly umpires meeting and are in place for 5 weeks.

When these appointments are made a link will appear here.

​​​​​​​Find all the Umpire Documentation you need here.

Contact our ACA Umpire Administrator Doug Cowie –