The Auckland Cricket Academy is the cornerstone of our talent development programme.

It is designed to take some of Auckland’s best identified talent and put them in a learning environment that challenges and educates them on the rigours of cricket both on and off the field, while allowing them the space to develop at their own speed.

By integrating how we develop our talent and our High Performance programmes we aim to create a clear and sustainable talent development pipeline that provides our ACES and HEARTS with ready-to-go cricketers.


Our purpose is to provide the most appropriate learning environment to realise a player’s full capabilities, and that turns potential into reality. It is about making sure we make the right investment, in the right players, at the right time.


Our Academy is designed as a key pillar of our Talent Development environments. It is underpinned and supported by our Talent Identification processes and systems. These are two distinct, yet equally important, pieces of out Talent Pathway.

Our TID environments aim to give us as much objective and supported data on a players current and potential position. This allows our Academy and other Talent Development environments to better create targeted learning.

To register your interest, contact Auckland Cricket’s Head of Talent & Pathway, Jonathan Bassett-Graham: